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It is well accepted that organisations benefit from investing in the wellbeing of their employees, and those who are asked to commission these services rightly demand evidence of efficacy. So what is the evidence to support wellness initiatives which encourage good nutritional practices? And how can dietitians effect positive behaviour change for a workforce to help improve resilience and mental wellbeing?

The BDA has conducted a review of published peer-reviewed evidence of workplace wellbeing studies involving nutrition in order to present findings on effective interventions. The BDA Work Ready Programme is being developed based on this evidence-based research so that employers commissioning this programme can be confident that it will achieve its stated outcomes and return on investment.

Supporting regular eating patterns and a quality diet for workers can improve overall wellness, driving productivity and reducing sickness absence statistics. There are a variety of providers already supporting workplaces with nutrition advice with a range of skills and expertise. However, there is often a lack of evidence to show the effectiveness of such wellness programmes and the new white paper from the British Dietetic Association demonstrates how employers can ensure they are quality-assured.

white paper front coverRegister here for a FREE copy of the new BDA White Paper 'Supporting healthier working lives through dietitian-led wellness initiatives'.

It is right that workers should take responsibility for their individual healthy habits, but some unhealthy practices can be influenced by the environment. Small 'nudges' can create behaviour change and improve health. When implemented by experts using a validated model, behaviour change techniques can be effectively used across organisations to reduce healthcare costs, improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.

The BDA is offering a new BDA Work Ready Programme focussing on maintaining employees at a healthy weight which is linked to the risk reduction of a wide range of a preventable ill health issues. The programme consists of a flexible range of quality assured tools and activities which will be delivered by an accredited BDA Work Ready Programme dietitian. The dietitian will work with you to develop an overall intervention which fits with your existing wellbeing programme.

Contact us for more information on this new programme and to tell us more about your organisation, so we can put you in touch with your local accredited dietitian (email







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